About Making Kyushu Sustainable

Make Kyushu Sustainable

What the Tour de Kyushu aims to achieve

"Tour de Kyushu" is one of the largest professional cycling road races in Japan. We aim to hold this event next fall, touring the various prefectures of Kyushu.

The event will be held as a one-of-a-kind event to showcase Kyushu's unique nature, culture, and the future image we wish to portray to both domestic and international audiences, and to demonstrate Kyushu's recovery from the recent natural disasters.

We aim to create a future-oriented event that goes beyond a cycle race by making the event a realization of the SDGS for Kyushu. These include carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly operations, consideration for the natural environment, and the use and protection of Kyushu's abundant water resources.

Part of this commitment was to endorse and sign the UCI Charter for Climate Action as one of the 80 founding global members.
UCI climate action charter

Regional Contribution and Reconstruction

  • Increase in population exchange
  • Promotion of Kyushu's attractions → tourism recovery and disaster recovery
  • Local production and local consumption of food and local products
  • Promotion of employment
  • Promotion of inter-regional cooperation
  • Education for children (SDGs, international exchange, sports promotion)


  • Carbon neutrality
  • Utilization and protection of local water resources
  • Control of plastic waste


  • Promotion of cycle sports.
  • Promoting awareness of bicycle use plan

Demonstration of cutting-edge technology

  • Promotion through digital transformation
  • Demonstrating innovation in business organizations

Tour de Kyushu is committed to the goal of a sustainable future for Kyushu through our sustainable development goals.
We also hope to achieve solutions to Japan's social issues and economic growth.