Jersey designs for the Mynavi Tour de Kyushu 2023 have been unveiled!

Mynavi The designs for the leader jerseys for each of the Tour de Kyushu 2023 awards have been finalized:

Individual General Classification Jersey: This jersey features the iconic “九州は一つ” (Kyushu is one) emblem, symbolizing the unity of Kyushu’s diverse regions.

Points Classification Jersey: Embracing the same “九州は一つ” spirit, this jersey is a testament to the competitive spirit of the riders.

King of the Mountains Jersey: Inspired by the bountiful water in the mountains of Kyushu, this jersey captures the essence of “山の恵みの水” (water from the mountains)

Young Rider Classification Jersey: Celebrating the youth and vitality of the riders, this jersey also showcases the “九州は一つ” emblem.


Individual General Classification Jersey: The most prestigious award of the “Mynavi Tour de Kyushu 2023”. It is given to the rider with the fastest individual time total for each stage. The rider who wears this jersey on the Oita stage podium on the final day will be the overall winner.

Points Classification Jersey: 

Points are awarded to the first-place finishers, who are credited according to their finishing order in each stage and the order in which they passed the sprint points.

King of the Mountains Jersey: 

As riders conquer the challenging climbs and mountainous terrains, they earn KOM points based on their position when they pass through designated KOM checkpoints on climbs during the stage. 

Young Rider Classification Jersey: 

 This is awarded to the rider who is under the age of 23 (born on or after January 1, 2001) in the year of the event (2023), and manages to clock the fastest combined total individual time across all stages of the event.