7/22 (Sat) Volunteers Wanted Fukuoka Stage (Miyama City to Omuta City) Bamboo Grove Cleanup

K-robot Corporation, a consulting partner of the event, is conducting bamboo cleanup along the “Orange Road” between Miyama City and Omuta City, which is on the course of the Fukuoka Stage of the race. The next clean up day will be July 22 (Saturday), and volunteers are needed to help cut down and transport the bamboo.


Activity Summary:

Date and time: Saturday, July 22, 7:30 a.m., meeting time: 16:00 (tentative), dismissal: 16:00 (tentative)

Meeting place: Chikugo Funakoya Koihotaru parking lot (310 Ojima, Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture)

 *We plan to ride bicycles to the work site.

 *If you can meet directly at the work site, please do so after 8:30 a.m.

Activities: Cutting and transporting bamboo, etc.



・Participants must have their own transportation to the “Orange Road” (a bicycle ride of about an hour is planned).

Please bring water with you as there is a risk of heat stroke due to the heat after the rainy season.

Mosquitoes will be abundant at the work site. Insect repellent and insect bite medicine will be provided, but please bring a long-sleeved shirt.
In case of rain, the work will be cancelled.

Work will be done at your own risk.

Volunteer participation is free of charge.

If you are willing to volunteer, please contact us at the e-mail address below by Wednesday, July 19.

Application address:

*Please write “Bamboo grove cleanup volunteer” in the subject line of the e-mail.

Please note that we may decline your application if we have reached our maximum number of applicants.