Mynavi Tour de Kyushu 2023 Cheering Squad recruitment begins!

The “Mynavi Tour de Kyushu 2023 Cheering Squad,” which was launched on April 28 under the leadership of Captain Kumamon, is recruiting members, starting today!

You have the opportunity to join the Tour de Kyushu 2023 cheering squad and showcase the beauty of Kyushu to the world. The application period for participation is from Wednesday, May 3, 2023, to Wednesday, May 17, 2023.

Here’s how you can apply:

STEP 1: Choose between two options: Ⓐ General participants Ⓑ Cyclist team members

STEP 2: Obtain the original competition shirt.

STEP 3: Wear the original shirt, promote the event, and cycle around Kyushu, representing the Tour de Kyushu 2023!

There might even be a special mission from Captain Kumamon for participants to complete!

For general participants:

  • 100 winners will be selected through a lottery to receive an original T-shirt and a sakosh (a small bag).
  • To apply, follow the @tour_de_kyushu Twitter account and retweet the designated tweet.
  • Only winners will be notified through direct messages (DM).

For cyclist team members:

  • Special pricing is available for the original cycling jersey of the event.
  • The jersey is priced at 4,000 yen (tax included).
  • Various goods will also be included as a special offer.
  • Click here to purchase.


Don’t miss this chance to be part of the Tour de Kyushu 2023 cheering squad and contribute to the success of the event. Wear the official gear proudly and enjoy cycling around Kyushu!