St George Continental Cycling Team (CT / Australia)

St George Continental Cycling Team is an established competitive cycling team that is a part of the St George Cycling Club High Performance Program. Founded in 2012, the team had a primary focus on development through participation in the National Road Series – a series that in recent years has established itself as a dominant launch pad for cyclists internationally. In 2015, following three successive years of development, the opportunity to race as a part of the UCI Asian Continental Circuit became a realistic pathway for continued progression. With an unprecedented amount of individual and team success over this year, combined with pressures from race organizers for us to return to participate in more events on their calendar, the natural progression resulted in a successful Continental License application for 2016. This Continental Licence has enabled the Team to participate on the UCI Asian Tour since 2016 to the present day enabling our riders exposure on the world stage. To date our team has been a pathway for 6-8 riders to progress to World Tour Level

  • ラクラン・ハリガン

    Lachlan HARRIGAN

  • コナー・リアドン

    Connor REARDON

  • ハンター・マガバン

    Hunter MCGOVERN

  • キャメロン・アイヴォリー

    Cameron IVORY

  • ライオナル・マーディット

    Lional MAWDITT