Mynavi announces course details, official song, and ambassadors for the Tour de Kyushu 2023

Mynavi has announced the details of the course, including the start, finish, KOM points, sprint points, and other highlights of the race, as well as the ambassadors, official theme song, and official beverages of the event.


Course Highlights

Starting with the Kokura Castle criterium on October 6, the race will cover more than 400 km over four days, starting with the Fukuoka stage from Kitakyushu to Omuta on October 7, the Kumamoto Aso stage from Minami Oguni to Minami Aso on October 8, and the Oita stage from the Autopolis to Hita town on October 9.

The start/finish points and sprint points/climbing points (KOM), which will be the highlights of each course that will determine the race development, have been determined. For details, please refer to the “Stages” page on the official website.

Sprint points: The intermediate goal is set on a straight, flat stretch in the middle of the course. Points are awarded according to the order of finish, and the sprint prize is decided by the total points of the stage race.

KOM (King of mountain) points: Points are awarded based on the finishing order at the top of designated high altitude points, such as the top of a mountain pass, and the King of the mountain (KOM) prize is determined based on the total points accumulated this way in each stage race.

Official Homepage:


Official theme song “DREAM” by Maharajan

Maharajan has written an original song “DREAM” for the event. The theme of the song, “Connecting dreams like a relay,” has to do with the dream of holding the Tour de Kyushu throughout Kyushu in the future.


A male solo musician from Tokyo, Japan. His EP “I want to do something good” was released digitally in November 2019. Although completely unknown, he made his major debut in March 2021 with “Sailor Muntaro”, attracting attention for his high musical quality and humorous lyricism. His appearances on music TV shows and the popular YouTube channel “THE FIRST TAKE” drew a great response, and his major label debut CD “Boku no Spina Muntaro” released in July of the same year won the “Artist of the Year” award at the Tower Records Towarekomen Awards 2021. It was also entered in the 14th CD Shop Awards 2022.
In July 2022, he released his 2nd Album “Can’t stay sane” and successfully held his first one-man live concerts at SHIBUYA LINE CUBE in Tokyo and ABIGCAT in Osaka. In May of this year, he held a concert at the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall.

You can watch the music video of the theme song “DREAM” here:



Koichi Nakano, Ambassador of the World Cycling Championships

Koichi Nakano, known as “The World’s Koichi Nakano” and “Mr. Bicycle Racing” for his 10 consecutive World Cycling Championship titles, has been appointed as the event’s ambassador.


Born in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture
In 1975, he made his debut at the Kurume Bicycle Racetrack and set a record of 18 undefeated races.  In 1980, he became the first Japanese professional athlete to win more than 100 million yen in prize money in a single year.
In 1977, he became the first Japanese rider to win the sprint event of the World Cycling Championships, and went on to win 10 consecutive titles until 1986. Known as “Mr. Nakano of the World” and “Mr. Bicycle Racing,” he was one of the first Japanese athletes to compete overseas.
Since his retirement, he has been active as a sports commentator and bicycle racing critic. In 2006, he was awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon.



Kumamon (Kumamoto Prefecture)

Kumamon, Kumamoto Prefecture’s Sales Manager and Happiness Department Manager, has been appointed as the Mynavi Tour de Kyushu 2023 Cheering Squad Leader (as of April 28). 

Message from Kumamon Cheering Squad Leader

I have been appointed as the Mynavi Tour de Kyushu 2023 Cheering Squad Leader!
What a surprise! This October, amazing cyclists from all over the world will come to Kyushu! Let’s cheer for them together!



Suntory Natural Water

Suntory Natural Water, a natural mineral water that has been refined over more than 20 years in the majestic mountains of Aso, where the course of this event is located. It has been chosen as the official drink of the event as a symbol of local production for local consumption and protection of water resources.








Make Kyushu Sustainable – For Kyushu’s Sustainable Future

This event is positioned as a symbol of recovery from the recent natural disasters such as torrential rains and earthquakes that have hit Kyushu in recent years, as well as COVID-19. The concept of the event is “Make Kyushu Sustainable – For Kyushu’s Sustainable Future.

Although many cars and motorcycles are used in the bicycle race, the race aims to actively address decarbonization by using hydrogen cars and other eco-friendly vehicles.

In addition, the Mynavi Tour de Kyushu Locus program, which is being developed in cooperation with Mynavi Corporation, will work toward regional development by “creating contact points between local companies and high school students.

We have decided to hold the 2nd Locus (2024) in Fukuoka, Kumamoto, and Oita Prefectures following this year’s event. Details will be announced in the future, so please stay tuned.