Virtual Tour de Kyushu Championship to be Held

 The “Virtual Tour de Kyushu Championship” will be held, where more than 20 active professional racers will participate and enjoy a high-intensity online race on a course similar to the Tour de Kyushu 2023 Fukuoka Stage.

Matej Mohoric, a two-time Tour de France stage winner, will participate in the race from overseas along with professional racers in Japan.

The race is open to the general public (application period: 11/14-11/19), so please feel free to participate. 

The race will also be broadcast on YouTube live, with Sascha and Osamu Kurimura providing a light-hearted talk show to liven up the race.

Don’t miss it!

Date and Time: Saturday, November 19th, 2022, 19:00 Start

Archived streaming: [LIVE] Virtual Tour de Kyushu Championship

For more information, please visit the Fukuoka Prefecture website: